2016 Round-Up

A Net Promoter Score midway between Budweiser and Apple is not a bad result, but it isn’t Apple either. We are delighted to welcome Rob Frank, our new Customer Experience Director to our board and look forward to providing the best customer experience journey for our clients with his help and expertise.

Projects under £2M is a key market for our workplace experts. 60% of our work fell into this category in 2016, we have made this market a key priority for next year and look forward to completing many more projects in 2017.

Our workplace experts are a growing team and we are speedily filling our new HQ, 5 Old Bailey. There’s still enough room to house our workplace experts, but we might have to go agile sooner than thought.

15,600 bacon sandwiches were consumed on our sites this year, however, there has been higher than normal requests for muesli yoghurt bites this year so watch this space for 2017!

Almost 18 years and emerging from our stroppy teenage years – if you haven’t already seen our office, please come for a tour and enjoy a glass of bubbles to celebrate our day of birth.

This year we are half and half in terms of projects carried out for occupiers and real estate investors, a balance we expect to maintain next year.

We clocked up our largest win to date for a £35M HQ building in the Thames Valley, our newly formed major projects team have now truly got going.

This year we have played bridesmaid to 3 major awards and while we patiently caught the bouquet one too many times, we hope to reverse this trend next year.

Huge thank you to all our clients for making 2016 such a great year and we look forward to even better 2017!