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Built Without: Waste

Our environmental team are highly qualified in LEED, BREEAM and SKA. Over the last 3 years they have worked on 21 BREEAM projects, 16 SKA projects and 1 WELL project. Currently, they are working on another 6 BREEAM, 1 LEED and 1 WELL projects.

Reducing the amount of waste we produce on our sites is a number one priority for the team. They will be announcing their full strategy to combat this later this year.

If you need any advice about achieving these accreditations on one of your projects, please get in touch.

What our Sales & Marketing Director, Anthony Brown, learned in 2018 – Great piece in Mix Interiors last month!

The Big Question – What did you learn from 2018 (no mention of Brexit please)?


Was almost every day a revelation in 2018? It felt like that. Six weeks of sweltering, record-breaking weather and I learned that this mild, grey country could get too hot. Then came the World Cup madness and I learned that this country’s mild, grey people could lose themselves in a dream of hope over experience. And thanks to my teenage daughter, I finally figured out what Fortnite is!

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What our new Managing Director, Kevin Mulligan is built with…

We are delighted to welcome our latest workplace expert, Kevin, to BW. He brings a wealth of experience to the role and has 25+ years of initiating and delivering outstanding results for Fortune 500 firms across a wide range of sectors including Investment Banking, Technology, Data Centres, Petrochemical, Media, Legal, Insurance, Entertainment, Social Media and Government.

We sat down with Kevin to find out what he is built with. Here are his top three things:

1. The wind at his back and warm sunshine on his face sailing the Atlantic

2. Energy at his local squash club in Limpsfield Surrey

3. Suspension, whilst mountain biking in the North and South Downs

Get in touch if you would like to catch up with Kevin over a cup of coffee, 0207 593 9900.