A day in the life of a BDM…

Ensuring our workplace experts understand the wider business and how roles and relationships differ is a key priority for BW. We believe this allows our teams to fully understand our 2021 vision and how we can work together to achieve it.

Our client-focused BDM, Becky, recently swapped roles with Lawrence and became a TSM for the day. Now it’s Lawrence’s turn to try his hand as a BDM. Find out how he got on…

What would you say the priorities of a BDM are?

I didn’t realise how hard the role of a BDM is. There’s so much to remember and a lot of people to remember.

I would say the main priorities are a, bringing in work and b, keeping relationships with clients going.

What did you find fun?

The whole day was fun. It was interesting to see how upbeat and positive BDMs have to be all the time. TSMs don’t have to be quite so upbeat.

What did you find shocking?

How many people Becky knows in the industry and how much she knows about future projects.

What was the most difficult part of being a BDM?

Keeping positive the whole time. A skill in itself.

How does a BDM’s role differ to your role and how is it similar?

The amount of your own time you have to dedicate to the role is the most different thing about being a BDM. We are similar in the sense that we are both client facing and both have to remember knowledge about projects. Just different knowledge.