A day in the life of a TSM…

You may have seen BW’s ‘day in the life’ videos recently. At BW we encourage our workplace experts to find out about the wider business, develop technical knowledge and understand how roles and relationships differ.

As part of this, two of our workplace experts decided to swap jobs for the day to learn more about what one another do. One of our BDMs, Becky, recently spent an entire day shadowing Lawrence, rolling her sleeves up and truly becoming a TSM for the day. We sat down with Becky after to find out what she learnt…

What would you say the priorities of a TSM are?

Bringing a building to life. It can seem that most people focus on the aesthetics of a fit out, but when you think about it, the most important bit is whether the lighting is good enough or ensuring the air conditioning is working and so on. It’s easy to overlook how important these aspects are for the occupier.

What did you find fun?

The sense of camaraderie and acting as mediators between traditional contractors and building managers. It was also really fascinating to see how building systems interlinked.

What did you find shocking?

Going to a ‘caf’ at 11am for burgers is an unforgettable experience!

What was the most difficult part of being a TSM?

Understanding the sheer amount of jargon and technical language you need to know and being able to communicate it to stakeholders from totally different backgrounds.

How does a TSM’s role differ to your role and how is it similar?

Both roles involve a certain amount of acting as a middle man, the difference is that a TSM has to resolve issues instantly to ensure a timely project, whereas a BDM has to look at the big picture.

Next stop, Lawrence is booked in for a full day of being a BDM. Check back to find out how he found it…