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Personable, honest, reliable, professional, innovative: when we play word associations with our clients, these are the most frequent words they use to describe BW. We’re happy to accept them all, as they are all qualities we look for in the workplace experts we employ.

Our aim is to complete our fit out and refurbishment projects Defect Free. It’s a bold challenge and one we are fully committed to achieving. BW is built around the idea that we should serve our clients better and we want to be at the forefront of making the journey simpler, more collaborative and much more reliable. We empower our workplace experts to do things differently and give them the freedom to do it. Exciting challenges and times lie ahead at BW, if you would like to be part of our journey, join us!

What makes a successful fit out project is how everyone responds to the challenges. The work we do is complicated, requiring the close collaboration of experts from many different disciplines. It isn’t possible to eliminate the risks posed during complex projects, but through collaboration we can identify and lessen their impact. What matters is the care that is brought to dealing with the inevitable challenges.

The end of a project is a celebration of what we’ve all achieved to get to a unique and inspiring outcome. But that’s not where the journey ends, the support for our clients and consultants continues as an essential ongoing relationship. Our aim is to build a portfolio of relationships with like-minded companies who also care.

Built With:

The heart of BW are our preferred subcontractors, all who have helped us complete a minimum of four Defect Free projects and come to work every day to do the best work they possibly can.

To develop and evolve we seek inspiration from beyond the confines of our industry, learning small but invaluable lessons from great companies that are trying to innovate and solve similar problems. Our network includes partners in US and Australia, leading tech companies and banks, small agencies, anyone that helps us view things differently.

With the support of our clients and their consultants, we’ve grown considerably over the last few years. We may soon not be a small business, but we believe in keeping our personal touch. Our board and senior team are always on hand, for employees, subcontractors and work providers.

Built With:

The UK is BW’s heartland, but our clients are international players. To serve them where they need us, we have developed a strategic network of likeminded partners around the world, including long-time ally SHAPE in Australia and HITT in the US.

SHAPE are one of Australia’s largest Fit Out and refurbishment specialists. For 25 years they have delivered both large and small Fit Out and refurbishment projects for some of Australia’s leading private and public sector organisations. With a focus on collaboration and zero disruption to business operations.

HITT is a national commercial construction leader with multiple offices nationwide. They are ranked as one of the 100 largest general contractors in the United States with the ability to perform a wide range of services from corporate campus development to small jobs, service and emergency work.

Social Enterprise UK are the national body for social enterprises – businesses with a social or environmental mission. They are the leading global authority on social enterprise and the biggest network of social enterprises in the UK.

They have unrivalled business relationships working with some of the biggest companies in the UK to support social enterprise through their supply chains, people and networks. We are pleased to have joined as a supporter member and look forward to working with them to create a fairer, more sustainable world.