Built With: Crystal Balls

Straight after announcing the Government’s plan for Brexit last week, the Prime Minister Theresa May presented the UK’s stance on global economic policy and opportunity at Davos, The World Economic Forum that brings together political and business leaders from around the world.

Last week also saw Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States of America. This diary clash with Davos hasn’t gone unnoticed with some pundits suggesting that Davos without Trump is a bit like ‘Hamlet without the Prince”. However, this may just be setting the scene for a less predictable (but not unexciting) political landscape that faces us all in 2017.

As some of the surprises of last year have now become a reality, we thought it would be fun to ask the BW team for some thoughts on what they think may lie ahead in 2017.

Andrew Bradley, Finance Director

  • Likely – Demand will remain despite the cataclysmic developments of 2016 in Brexit and Trump and rent prices will be static
  • Probable – More agile working development will be undertaken by clients who are looking for ways to be more efficient in their use of space and not take on extra space if not necessary
  • Unlikely – The owner of the shard, impressed by the decor of trump towers, will refurbish the building in Trump’s favourite colours

Rob Frank, Customer Experience Director

  • Likely – Increase interest from international buyers both in housing and commercial due to weaker pound.
  • Probable – No luxury price growth in the city
  • Unlikely – Buy to let will boom

Anthony Brown, Sales & Marketing Director

  • Likely – Strong economic growth in US (inflation, with at least 2 interest rate rises in the US)
  • Probable – Angela Merkel will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for humanitarian efforts towards Muslim refugees
  • Unlikely – Neylon – London and New York relocate to a sunny mid-Atlantic island location and declare independence

Steve Elliot, CEO

  • Likely – Chelsea will win the Premiership despite Diego Costa selling out to the Chinese.
  • Probable – Nothing will change with Trump in power
  • Unlikely – Brexit accelerates labour shortages and CEO’s have to do a weekly shift on site.

Peter Nagle, Contracts Director

  • Likely – Digital Construction will develop further with the development of BIM level 3
  • Probable – More companies investing in the UK to avoid EU law, regulations and tax
  • Unlikely – Trump will build a Narco-style wall

Lydia Millard, Senior Business Development Manager

  • Likely – Gentle slowdown in construction but Cat A and <£25M will remain strong
  • Probable – Nothing will change with Trump in power
  • Unlikely – Artificial intelligence development will accelerate and robots will take over from humans as the superior race

We’d love to hear thoughts on 2017, please share your predictions!