Built With: Millennials

The discussions took place in the Stables at The Riding House Cafe just off Oxford Street. Becky Craddock from BW kicked off the afternoon with an introduction to our newly commissioned white paper on ‘the Enneagram and the Evolution of Work’, Leanne Baird followed this with three questions for discussion over each course. Anthony Brown, our token non-millennial, facilitated the discussions.

Topics for discussion were:

1, What long term effects, if any, will flexible working and co-working having on the workplace community?
2, Uber have disrupted the temporary labour market and similarly, Air BnB have disrupted the short-term rental market, what disruptive technology is likely to disrupt the workplace?

3, What methodology do people use to analyse workplace types and do people go beyond the introversion and extroversion dimensions?

A number of interesting points came up during the roundtable; a summary of the most prominent topics will be released shortly.

BW would like to thank our Millennials and look forward to challenging industry conventions in future seminars.

Natalie Walker, TP Bennett; Alison Grant, MCM; Perry Knight, Turner & Townsend; Guru Thiru, Omobono; Tom Buckley, Core Five LLP; Sarah Bryan, HLW and Rebecca Parish, Man Bites Dog.