Built With: Stamina – Surviving MIPIM

It wasn’t chosen lightly: back-to-back meetings, late nights, the occasional glass of rosé, seminars, walking up and down Cannes all day, this year with the added pressure of ducking the rain. Stamina is needed to survive our industry’s longest week of the year. Each year we all ask ourselves: why do we do it?

We think of it as living in a small community, a village perhaps. If you wish to play an active part in village life you need to participate in the annual village fete, even if that fete sometimes seems to have more in common with a Bacchanalian frenzy than a funfair on the village green!

Reflecting on our week at MIPIM, we definitely needed that stamina but during the long week caught up with some old friends and made some new business contacts that we will develop further. There was a distinct note of caution with lots of discussion about the ‘In-Out referendum’, the London Mayoral election and the US Presidential election; no sense of crisis but some uncertainties that will all be resolved to some degree before we all return to Cannes next March. Aren’t you missing it already?