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MIPIM 2019

Our workplace experts will be at MIPIM 2019 in March. Get in touch if you would like to grab a coffee.

BW – Black & White Party

Thank you to everyone who came to our inaugural Black and White party last Thursday. Our workplace experts had a lot of fun with the infamous animals, hope you did as well.

Please find a preview of the photos below, more will be updated shortly! Looking forward to next year!


Built With: Networking

If you would like to meet up with Anthony, Ines, Lydia or Becky for a catch up over coffee (or something stronger), please give them a call or drop them an email (contacts below).

Anthony – 07979 603 666
Ines – 07827 948 470
Lydia – 07824 874 361
Becky – 07500 091 966

Otherwise, they look forward to seeing you at one of the events.

Built With: Stamina – Surviving MIPIM

It wasn’t chosen lightly: back-to-back meetings, late nights, the occasional glass of rosé, seminars, walking up and down Cannes all day, this year with the added pressure of ducking the rain. Stamina is needed to survive our industry’s longest week of the year. Each year we all ask ourselves: why do we do it?

We think of it as living in a small community, a village perhaps. If you wish to play an active part in village life you need to participate in the annual village fete, even if that fete sometimes seems to have more in common with a Bacchanalian frenzy than a funfair on the village green!

Reflecting on our week at MIPIM, we definitely needed that stamina but during the long week caught up with some old friends and made some new business contacts that we will develop further. There was a distinct note of caution with lots of discussion about the ‘In-Out referendum’, the London Mayoral election and the US Presidential election; no sense of crisis but some uncertainties that will all be resolved to some degree before we all return to Cannes next March. Aren’t you missing it already?

Built With: Bonding! Just an average day in the BW office…

One hundred targets were launched over 10 stands with some super-quick combinations. In true British style, the weather was treacherous! Luckily the group had their Barbours, Hunters and sloe-gin on hand to shield them from the thunder, lightning, hail and snow.

Amelia, the only female of group, was the clear underdog and became a top shooter by the end of the day. Our famous Steve on the other hand, wasn’t quite so agile with his weapon and had to negotiate a trade for a BB alternative. Top Gun for the day was Guy Bonser, drummer and director of Gleeds.

The overarching feedback from the event was that it was a fun, memorable day for all involved, and a great team bonding experience. We are already looking forward to hosting our second extravaganza in September. If you think you have what it take and are interested in getting involved next time around, please email

Both extreme shooters and complete novices are welcome.

Feeling inspired by Mix Inspired this week.

Last week, Anthony Brown joined a panel of fantastic speakers at the first Mix Inspired London event, to discuss London and the many issues that have the potential to impact positively and negatively on the way we work in the capital.

Anthony was joined by Jason Adam, Head of Workplace Design at PwC, Andrew Cooke, COO of London & Partners, Katie Kopek , Director from JLL and Peter Murray, Chairman of New London Architecture.

The opening introduction by Katie Kopec, highlighted the numerous pockets of development through the capital in its widest context from The Silvertown in the east, across the knowledge corridor of the west. Project and schemes popping up due to demand of better facilities for a growing number of people.

The point was raised on more than one occasion that perhaps London is ‘full’ and we should look elsewhere. However the reply was consistent: London is London, and along with all major cities in the world, from New York to Paris, will continue to be the most desirable in the country for outside investment and the place people want to be.

The forward thinking panel members turned their discussion to which key issues therefore need to be addressed in order to ensure that London continues to be a leading global force on every level.

A number of concerns were raised on a macro level that will potentially impact the workforce, for example the health + well being of Londoners, the increasing need for ‘active’ commuting, the threat of terrorism, requirements for more housing, better infrastructures to support growth and the increasing use of technology that will change and possibly eliminate certain job functions.

More immediate thoughts focused on what employees really want from their working environment. Increasing evidence shows that the ‘talent’ covert an impressive and stylish space but beyond aesthetics what does do the ultimate working environments need to offer?

The best spaces are those that accommodate the needs of the organisation as well as the individuals that operate within it, actively encouraging interaction in an organised, as well as a serendipitous manner as and when appropriate.

It also seems much of the desire is in the detail – great coffee, lighting and temperature levels that can be controlled rather then imposed, technology that is seamless and just works – without having to make the dreaded call to IT!

Workers want to feel cared for, inspired and comfortable, and these are just few elements that contribute to that ultimate ‘BUZZ’.

BW Team Attending MIPIM in 2016

Steve Elliott, Anthony Brown and Ines Lago will be going to MIPIM this March. We are looking forward to meeting existing and potential clients and consultants. Give us a shout if you’d like to meet up.