Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Another insightful morning at our CX Networking Club last month. This edition of the seminar series focused on the topic of Customer Experience in the Digital Age. The event hosted a line-up of expert speakers and professional attendees who shared industry insights on digital transformation across multiple sectors.

The morning also involved group and networking discussions to involve opinions of all attendees. These discussions deliberated the ways in which digital transformation can be advantageous for customers across a wide range of sectors, how good customer service and accessibility of a company to customers is paramount and complete company-centrism is no longer present.

A takeaway from the various discussions was that brands who excel in digital customer experience gain popularity, begging the question: why isn’t every company seeking to improve its customer experience? With new data laws and varying technological abilities, making a significant change can be painful for some businesses. However, the mindset needs to be flipped, with the customer at the forefront and a focus on CRM.

With great minds filling the room, the event contained no quiet moments, each second was filled with interesting discussion and informative speakers. BW will continue learning and advancing alongside the digital age that we work in and live in and look forward to the next event in the series.