Built With: Awards

The first project to have been shortlisted for ‘Best Fit Out of Workplaces’ is our 13,417 m2 hotel quality Fit Out of One Fizroy, London with MCM Architecture.

With the client’s vision in mind a number of innovative solutions across the whole project were developed including;

  • A fully integrated Room Booking, Brand Identity, Access Control and Conference Delegate System.
  • Significant reduction in personal office space and the delivery of greater collaborative working.
  • The creation of the M’Office space to allow cellular offices to be used by teams when designated occupiers are absent from the office.
  • Collaborative Procurement (Hybrid Two Stage Design and Build) which allowed clarity on risk sharing, maintained high degree of control over design by the client but maintained competition up to contract.

The procurement resulted in a well- focused and collegiate working experience for both construction partner, client and design team.







The second project to have been shortlisted for ‘Projects up to 1500m2’ is our brand new office at 5 Old Bailey, fitted out in collaboration with KKS.

The office was designed with a sense of community in mind. We deliberately incorporated lots of collaboration spaces to not only enable our staff to work together but encourage our clients and partners to work agile when they are in town. People love working in coffee shops which is why we wanted to create a similar vibe and buzz here.

Our main brand narrative is ‘Built With: Personality’ – the sense of community created in the office design reflects this value and really encourages staff to work together and learn from each other. There is a real sense of spirits being lifted since we moved into the new space. It is a really bright, fresh design which really reflects the evolution of the brand into a new breed of innovative Fit Out contractor.