Find out what our Project Director, Steve Pearce is built with…

We sat down with one of our new workplace experts, Steve Pearce, who gave us the scoop on what he is built with plus an overview of his experience in construction, some of the challenges he has faced and how BW compares to where he has worked before.

Please give us a quick overview about your background?

I left school when I was 16 and wanted to join the Royal Navy but my mum wouldn’t let me. So, I decided to join the construction industry which I have now worked in for 42 years. I started off as an apprentice carpenter and worked my way up to my current role, Project Director.

What types of projects have you worked on previously?

Whilst being experienced at working directly with the client at the highest level, I am particularly skilled in management of pre-construction and construction delivery and look forward to bringing added value to all my projects and in particular the service which I provide.

I have successfully delivered on time and within budget for various prestigious high-end projects for many of today’s leading blue-chip and service orientated clients.

Financial sector:

Bank of England
J.P Morgan Chase
Bayerische Landesbank
State Street
Goldman Sachs

Legal sector:

McGuire Woods
Hill International


Manhattan Loft Gardens
Tokyo Marine
London Fire brigade
Surrey County Council
Warner Estates

What were the main challenges you found when working on these projects and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenges on these and most projects to date are around communication and transparency. You need to be able to communicate freely whether face-to-face or on the phone; emails can be misread. Being open and honest in dealing with issues, facing problems head on and being able to adapt and overcome them are good management skills

How does BW differ to your past companies?

BW has a nice feel. It is friendly and compact. I knew BW was the right move on my first Tuesday here. Everyone I spoke to was really engaged and happy.

What are you built with?

I have just celebrated my 32nd wedding anniversary, in that we have been blessed with 4 great kids:

Daniel – 30
Tom – 27
Ben – 24
Georgina -20

I used to weigh in at 20 stone. Fitness and health changed my life. I have done the vertical rush competition for charity, have completed many bike rides including London to Brighton and London to Cambridge, and half marathons at Silverstone, Windsor great park. I have even done a triathlon, came last but enjoyed it a lot.

That being said I still go running most weekends and regularly take part in 10Ks, the last being in June for Macmillan cancer in Regents Park. Keeping fit for me is a good stress reliever which allows you to be prepared for the coming week. My other passions are football, in particular, Tottenham Hotspur and music with Jazz and Soul being top of my list.