The days are starting to get longer, brighter and supposedly warmer (despite all the rain). This can only mean one thing; spring is in the air. Here are five articles we are reading this month, covering topics from vegans needing their own shelves in the office fridge to mental health and smart packaging.

All articles linked below:

‘Vegans Need their Own Shelf in the Office Fridge’, BBC News:

‘Young Workers Need Companies to Prioritize Mental Health’, Harvard Business Review: (subscriber)

‘Leading in the 2020s: 3 Emerging Workplace Trends’, Forbes:

‘The Future of Packaging: Smart Bottles, Edible Boxes’, McKinsey:

‘How to Give Compassionate Feedback While Still Being Constructive’, New York Times: (subscriber)

‘The Coach: Mind the (empathy) Gap’, Building Design:

Enjoy. 📖📚