BW are delighted to announce that we have secured repeat business with one of our prime SKA Gold projects: Generation Investment Management LLP.

Given Generation’s focus on dedicated, long-term investing and integrated sustainability research it is no surprise that this ethos is reflected in their office environment. They approached BW to expand their elegant Air Street office in London’s West End last year, as they wanted a trusted partner who bought into their vision of embedded sustainability and commitment to responsible citizenship.

Sustainability is key corporate focus for BW which is why we are also proud to announce that we are working on a brand new project with Etsy, Inc. which will be the first in the UK to aim for a LBC certification.

Both project teams are very excited about making their clients’ office visions a reality over the upcoming weeks and making their mark in the industry. We will try and share some office visuals on our company LinkedIn page once both projects are complete.

Generation Investment Management LLP

Duration: 12 weeks
Architect: Aros architects
M&E: Medland Metropolis