We want the BW of the future to more closely represent the society in which we live. We have reflected on the way our organisation looks now and we know we have to change that for the better. So, from now on, we’ll do things differently and take active steps to make the BW of ten years from now dramatically different.

We are working in partnership with a small number of organisations that specialise in underrepresented groups in order to completely re-think our employment practices. That’s why we have ongoing unconscious / consciousness bias workshops for the whole business to make sure that we provide a workplace that is genuinely inclusive.

We know our industry has some distance to go towards being inclusive for all underrepresented groups. By being honest about that and confronting and addressing the issues, BW can and will be at the forefront of this challenge.

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of BW’s department heads are female

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our female employees make up over double the industry average of total employees

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of our employees have gone through equality & diversity training

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New hires.

We have much to be proud of in the construction industry. It has many routes to entry, notably you can join as a school leaver and work your way right up to the top. It also boasts a huge array of highly specialised professional and technical roles and it is at the cutting edge of many areas of research. However, not everyone is currently benefitting from this: across the industry 86% of the workforce are male, 94% are white and historically the sector has not been as inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community as it could have been. We want to fundamentally change this imbalance and make sure BW is open to all.