net zero

Net Zero

Our Net Zero strategy incorporates every part of our business that has the potential to impact on our staff, supply chain, projects and wider communities. Subject areas for focus comprise health and safety, sustainability, customer experience and project delivery. We have identified all the opportunities within our influence that will ensure we can deliver our projects to the highest quality whilst leaving a positive legacy.

We have set industry leading targets that include achieving Net Zero by 2030, achieving DF@PC, being RIDDOR free, supporting the circular economy and improving and supporting our supply chains sustainability development.


Our supply chain are an extension of the BW team and as such we work closely and support them to embed our principles and ambitions into their own businesses. We believe that by sharing our knowledge and employing a collaborative approach will ensure our Net Zero strategy is a success.

To assist them in its delivery we are finding ways to support them on our journey. One method is through the Supply Chain Sustainability School that we signed up to in May 2022. This school will provide our supply chain with free educational resources that they can use to mature their own understanding of sustainable construction. In addition to free learning tools this school will provide them with bespoke learning pathways and action plans to keep them on the right track. On top of this BW will be able to see where our supply chain has strength and where we need to continue to find ways to support them in their personal development.

A key feature of our plan and ambition for BW is to work towards being Net Zero carbon. This is an incredibly difficult subject to navigate and we continue to work towards understanding and identifying all of our scope 3 emissions. Our aim through the Supply Chain School is to use an industry recognised carbon tool to identify these emissions and importantly give us a measure, so we can focus on what’s really important, which is to remove, reduce, offset and/or inset our emissions.