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3 Layers

In 2021 we launched our 3 layers to focus BW on achieving Net Zero, embracing inclusivity and striving for innovation in everything we do. The industry has a long way to go but it is about time that these areas are openly addressed and confronted, and BW want to be at the forefront of this challenge.

We have set our 2030 targets with the journey in mind. We have some tough goals which will take a lot of hard work from our workplace experts and partners to ensure we achieve them.

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Our drive is to utilise the latest technology to improve the service we provide and the workplaces we make.

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We promise that anyone who wants to work and achieve success at any level with BW, will have every opportunity.

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Net Zero

Everything we build, the way we build it, those that help us, will be net zero by 2030.

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