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For us, doing good work is about more than delivering on time and being defect-free – although we do pride ourselves on that too. We have a clear vision for the world we want to build, and our role in it. We ensure we’re always working towards this by being led by our three-layer purpose. This compass ensures our efforts are aligned not only with our client needs, but also live up to our ambition and ultimately build towards a better industry for all.

Let’s go represent the society we live in

Inclusivity matters. The modern, evolved workspaces we’re building should represent the society we’re setting out to fuel. Spaces can only truly be better, if they’re better for everybody. But the truth is, for our industry there’s work to do to make this a reality. That’s why inclusivity is, and always has been, one of our core pillars – so we never lose sight of this vital ingredient in the spaces, cities and societies we’re working towards.

Let’s go stand up for what we believe in

Let’s go make our carbon footprint disappear

It’s no secret – for the future to, well, exist, we all need to be more mindful about how and what we do. To make sure this happens, we’ve set ourselves industry leading targets. We want to be Net Zero by 2030, and inspire others to do the same. To make this a reality we’ll be considering carbon in the design and specification of every project we are involved in and offsetting any that cannot be removed during the processes of what we do. It’ll require collaborating with our clients, partners, consultants and supply chain to influence real change – we’re pretty good at that. Let’s go make it happen.

Considering our carbon

There is no planet B. So we do everything we can to work towards being Net Zero but what does this mean?

The concept of designing, constructing, and operating buildings in a way that ensures their overall carbon emissions are balanced by the amount of carbon they either generate on-site through renewable energy sources or offset through various sustainable practices. In essence, a Net Zero building’s carbon footprint is reduced to a level where it contributes little to no additional greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Let’s go achieve net zero by 2030

Let’s go think differently

When you’re crafting modern spaces for the evolving nature of work, innovation isn’t a nice to have – it’s a necessity. The scale and pace we work at requires our teams to embrace it from day one. Yes, the projects we do are inherently challenging – but bringing together teams of experts and finding the best way for them to collaborate is what gets us out of bed in the morning. It’s our pursuit of innovation that ensures we have the best methods and tech that give ideas the space to spark and evolve on every single project. We keep at the forefront through business improvement groups, thought leadership, customer experience, technology advancements and collaboration with our sister companies in the US and Australia.

A Culture of Continuous Innovation

We see innovation as a form of currency. Rethinking the status quo allows us to buy increments of time which we can pass back to clients through our project programmes or use to further develop our processes, methods and technologies. But we know that innovation doesn’t happen without new viewpoints and ways of thinking. That’s why we’re always keen to embrace great ideas from across our organisation – and foster these invaluable sparks. Amongst other initiatives, our annual innovation awards has recently seen employees develop a variety of new technologies and approaches including eco-friendly site signage, bespoke on-site graphics and a site in a box. It is “how about we…” moments that keep us moving forward.

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