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Unlike most organisations our size, our board of directors are always on the end of the phone for our clients.

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Since our inception, we’ve done offices differently. Founded in 2000 when a couple of innovative individuals threw away the rule book and started again – driven by the belief that workplaces can be so much more. It’s the same belief that all 200+ of us are guided by today. Because we know that when an office is done right, everything else is so much easier.

What does a successful fit out look like? To us, it’s about how everyone responds to the challenges. The work we do is complicated, requiring close collaboration of experts from many different disciplines. Luckily, it’s in our nature to ensure smooth collaboration and communication.

That’s why we’ve made a commitment to our supply chain to meet twice a year face to face and share feedback on how we can both improve – something no one else does. From those first blueprints to the last foot that walks through the door – we empower our workplace experts to do things differently and give them the freedom to do just that.

Office Refurb

Office Refurb (Cat A)

We approach every CAT A project with future occupation in mind. From 1930s factory buildings to Grade II listed mix-use developments, our team transforms spaces for our landlord, developer, and asset management clients – helping them achieve maximum return on investment.

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Office Fit Out

Office Fit Out (Cat B)

Every CAT B project is as unique and exciting as the company moving into it. We take that seriously – ensuring that, whether we’re installing WCs or completing major headquarter relocations, each final fit out does so much more than simply function.

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Campus refurb

Campus Refurb

We use our knowledge and know-how to help refurbish lecture halls, seminar rooms, student unions and university spaces that’ll help shape the next generation.

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Refurb in occupation

Refurb In Occupation

The key to success for refurb in occupation is communication: considering not only the work we’re doing, but the work you still have to get done too. Expect excellent liaison every step of the way.

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D&B (Turnkey)

We’re not shy about the strength of our design team, and this is where their incredible talents really come into play – serving up one stop solutions in impeccable style.

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In partnership with
our supply chain

As a business focused on the evolving nature of work, it should come as no surprise that we take an active approach to our supply chain. We believe this nurtures key relationships – ensuring they develop into true, long term partnerships.

We believe feedback is essential to continually invigorating our supply chain. But for that to be truly effective it should be managed, consistent, meaningful, constructive and always go both ways.

That’s why we go above and beyond our competitors, scoring our supply chain twice a year – ranking each as logged, approved, preferred or preferred plus based on their work quality score. We also commit to meeting twice a year face-to-face to openly share how we can both improve.

At the very heart of BW are our preferred and preferred plus subcontractors. These are proven suppliers, who share our approach of coming to work every day to do the best you possibly can.

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