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Transforming a Victorian depository into a cutting-edge office space for global PR powerhouse, Edelman

Edelman needed our help, together with Gensler and CBRE, we needed to merge two offices to create their new UK HQ. Their vision? To attract young talent in a competitive industry with a contemporary workspace, all while ensuring their team’s seamless transition into the new headquarters without delay.

Collaboration and innovation were at the heart of this build – reflecting Edelman’s ethos. Gensler created a plethora of diverse workspaces, including an expansive canvas for creativity and evolution. Multiple collaboration areas formed hubs of activity, featuring incubation rooms and booths that encourage teams to come together to develop innovative PR solutions, whilst providing relaxed dens for individual focus work, away from the open plan office floor.

Each space stands unique, both in terms of its split-level layout and distinctive design elements. A comprehensive biophilia package fosters a healthier and more productive work environment for staff through improved well-being, creativity and connectivity to the natural world. In just 30 weeks, we created Edelman’s truly unique office – combining the old and the new, fluidity and flexibility, and hi-tech and nature.

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