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Bringing together Anglo American and De Beers beneath one stylish, sustainable roof

Anglo American and De Beers have been united at 17 Charterhouse Street. The fit out, designed by MCM and facilitated by BW, Buro Four and exigere, has successfully transformed a collection of disparate 70s buildings into a modern, sustainable and inclusive global headquarters.

The revamped site now boasts a reinvented modern ‘campus’ that serves as their new global headquarters. Its focal point is a collaborative and social hub, complete with courtyard – helping bridge the gap between the two distinct businesses within this purpose-built workplace.

At the core of MCM’s design is a commitment to sustainability and well-being. Throughout the site you’ll find integrated sustainable initiatives, including the use of smart technology and green roofs. 17 Charterhouse Street successfully fosters an inclusive and diverse culture that encourages collaboration and innovative thinking, while a series of terraces and external spaces offer alternative settings for work and play.

The design language utilises a shared palette of refined materials and thoughtful unique details – bringing together the identities of Anglo American and De Beers in a considered, effective way. This provides a solid foundation for these brands to build upon and cultivate both their individuality and shared approach of “authentic minimalism and refined elegance.”


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