Price escalation starting to be felt in unexpected ways…

The increase in the price of raw materials has been felt across the construction sector with the costs of timber, steel and cement all continuing to rise. But before you even get on site, the humble bacon butty, the most popular sandwich filling in both 2018 and 2020 according to a survey by Warbutons, has not escaped the bite of inflation!

In June, Farmers Weekly reported the price of pigs going up for the twelfth week in a row, with the same agriculture bible reporting a spike in grain prices a few months earlier. This could easily lead to your average loaf becoming more expensive as the cost as a result of this, one of its key ingredients, going up in price by as much as 25% year on year according to The Grocer magazine.

And let’s hope that British condiments don’t follow the same fate as in the US where there was a shortage of packets of ketchup, the BBC reported, which was down to an increase in delivery services during the pandemic. Unless of course, you favour brown sauce, in which case, as you were.

The perfect accompaniment to a bacon butty is, of course, a good old-fashioned cup of tea but that too has fallen foul of rising prices. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the price of wholesale tea leaves leapt by 50% between June and September last year. Whether you like it milky or barely touched by the white stuff, apparently slow growing grass is to blame for bumping up the cost of a pint too, so says the man from the National Farmers Union. And whether you like one spoonful, two or even more, sugar continues to surge, proving that a traditional breakfast combo of a bacon butty and a brew will hit you harder in the pocket than it would have done pre-pandemic.