Welcome to our round-up of the news that matters in the world of workplace this July. Covering a Covid-19 construction update, pandemic proofing, the homeworking revolution and rebuilding construction.

All articles linked below:

Covid 19 construction update’, Michael Urie, Gardiner & Theobald: https://bit.ly/2Zpe2RG

‘Pandemic proofing, the cost of a healthy design’, exigere: https://bit.ly/3evMcHM

Out of office: has the homeworking revolution finally arrived?’, Joe Moran, The Guardian: https://bit.ly/3j1JvkM

‘How tech companies could benefit from a decentralized approach to real estate’, Sarah Brengarth, Gensler: https://bit.ly/3epkwo4

‘After the COVID-19 crisis: rebuilding construction’ Clair Mooney, Spec Finish: https://bit.ly/32jaG4y

‘Buildings with a digital twin have a lot to tell us’, Peter Loeffler, Workplace Insight: https://bit.ly/2CxUOjQ

‘Leveraging real-time data for construction analytics’ [webinar], Procore: https://bit.ly/3iZsdEX

Enjoy. 📖📚